Gameboards in Search of a Game
posted: November 10, 2006
I did a painting several years ago that now hangs in my studio. I was looking at it the other day and realized it looked like a gameboard for some forgotten game. I used that painting as a point of departure for some sketchbook explorations. In the back of my mind was the knowledge that the children/game market is huge. My ticket to fame and fortune? I think not.
Zut Alors-The French Game of Consternation...
DorkMaze-The Faux Dating Game...
Boredom Kingdom-Everybody wins to some degree...
laura November 10, 2006
hahaha, i love 'em! they remind me of some of the old foriegn board games we used to have in my house from like ages ago.... who knew how to do anything with those.
randy enos November 10, 2006
These are more than graphically beautiful Hal. You kinda almost have a Brice Marden thing goin' here.
Jeff Moores November 10, 2006
Funny stuff! Looks like an excellent experiment in compliment colors - love your color choices!
Rob Dunlavey November 10, 2006
Hal, these are real keepers. Not sure what the final form might be; watered down into a board game would be a shame. Many years ago (late 80's?), you gave a slide show to the GAG in Boston (Cambridge Art Assoc. maybe)… Among other things, YOU showed a sketch "map" that connected all the issues, junk, priorities, etc of life, possibly your life. I think it was an exercise: a tool to help students sort stuff out and figure out what the next steps should be. These remind me a bit of that mental map. Great stuff.
rag November 10, 2006
Its great looking back on old stuff and get re-inspired. You don't have to always go and invent a better wheel or a rounder mousetrap.
Robert Saunders November 10, 2006
Hal, these are interesting. I'm sure you could think up a game for drawings like these. I already got an idea for one: IRONY CHALLENGE! —In which Drawger bloggers try to one-up each other with the best blog. Winner gets to go on an all-expense paid trip to a major metropolitan magazine, meet an art director, and do a spot illustration assignment!
fisher November 10, 2006
Nice Hal, I want to see what the game pieces look like.
Christoph Hitz November 10, 2006
I'm having a miserable "System X Day" or "Font-management from Hell Event". Logging on to Drawger and finding Your hilarious post balances my equilibrium.
Nancy Stahl November 11, 2006
Hal..! These are great, just as they are..! I love game boards, have all my life (someday my MIB "Endangered Species" with the board and box a huge illustration by.. Mark Hess (I think) will pay for my retirement). But these are wonderful as art and as a concept. Do kids play game boards anymore? Gameboard in Search of a Game... how poignant..!! Does that really say: "Take Home the ZINC" in Boredom Kingdom? Halarious..!
Hal Mayforth November 13, 2006
Thanks for the comments, folks! I don't know what I'll do with these, if anything. I think they would make interesting paintings, but I'd have to work up the energy to paint all those squares. Rob- Man, you have a good memory. The slides you are refering to are what I call Mind Maps, and I still whip one out every now and then when I have an ungodly amount of information to organize. Maybe I'll post something about that one of these days. Nancy- My kids still play board games on occasion. Presently they are more interested in becoming card sharks. I was never much of a card player and I blame this development on my wife. H
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