Four New Paintings
posted: November 2, 2006
Untitled-This is about evolution, dreams (nightmares?) and insects, the correlation of which escapes me. I'm open to suggestions....
Here are four new paintings that were completed within the last six weeks or so. I'm getting work ready for a show about the fine art of Vermont cartoonists. It should be good. More on that later.
Wing-tipped Man to the Rescue! What he's rescuing, I haven't a clue....
Into the Wild Blue Yonder-Alot of dots. Doing it made me think that perhaps the Aboriginal artists used the application of dots as a form of meditation....
He Walks Alone...
J.D. King November 2, 2006
Your paintings are great stuff!
Scott Bakal November 2, 2006
How the heck do you do that?!? Nice compositions and structure. :o)
Christoph Hitz November 2, 2006
Hi Hal, I love the blue one. How large are they?
rag November 2, 2006
I like 'em all. Particularly like the border on the last one.
Zina Saunders November 2, 2006
I love these paintings: so full of wit and life and beauty and mystery!
Jim Paillot November 2, 2006
Hey Hal, the "He Walks Alone" piece is really wonderful. I love the stuff you have been doing. Those birds tickle my funny bone!
Hal Mayforth November 2, 2006
Thanks, guys. Chris, the blue one is 24 by 20 inches. I'd love to do these bigger, but they're on wood panel and the bigger they are the more unwieldy they are. Plus there are studio space considerations. The other ones are 24 by 16 inches. H.
Larry Ross November 2, 2006
I always like all the paintings you show here. They're so creative and unique. I especially like the one with the big X with the dots.
Tim O'Brien November 2, 2006
As Nancy suggested before, these would be GREAT rugs!
Mike Moran November 2, 2006
It's gonna be a great show for you, Hal. Fun paintings.
Edel Rodriguez November 2, 2006
Hal, Love them all my man, great stuff!
Donald Kilpatrick November 2, 2006
Amazing!! Love everything about these.
Adam McCauley November 2, 2006
Fabulous Hal!!! These would be great for a kid's book.
Steve Brodner November 2, 2006
Hal: Beautiful, funny, frenetic and deeply disturbing. What do you eat before bed? Steve
Michael Sloan November 2, 2006
Hal - I like He Walks Alone the best. It reminds me of a native Indian tapestry or quilt. I really like what you did with the border.
Robert Saunders November 2, 2006
I respond best to He Walks Alone, too, Hal. Cool work.
David Flaherty November 2, 2006
James Steinberg November 2, 2006
Hal- You're trying all kinds of new things. I love the way the hobnails work with all the aboriginal dots in 'Into the Wild Blue Yonder'. And speaking of BLUE, I haven't seen you use Blue like that in your paintings. It really sings.
randy enos November 2, 2006
THAT DOES IT! You now have my permission to quit your day job. You have never done better than these. You have gone over into the realm of Fine Art. Your pictures in the past were hanging on for dear life to an illustration discipline but these have taken you over the edge. I can't even tell you how much I like these. Excuse me while I go slit my throat.
randy enos November 2, 2006
Wing tipped man is my favorite. My next favorite is "Untitled" at the top.
Marc Burckhardt November 2, 2006
They're all beautiful, Hal, but I agree with Mr. Enos: Wing-Tipped Man is the show stopper.
fisher November 2, 2006
Bigger noses!
Federico Jordan December 10, 2006
Hola Hal. What medium are you using? This work is great. F.
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