Calendar Rejects
posted: October 26, 2006
Rich advised me against this one, although I thought it was a dead on comment on contemporary American culture....
I've just finished doing the illos for my 2007 calendar. Every year I puruse the year in sketchbooks to find 12 images that I think make an interesting and perhaps entertaining calendar. It's a grueling lesson in self editing and I'm always second guessing whether or not I've picked the right images. Here are some sketches that didn't make the cut,  whether because of PC concerns or just because.
This is a foregone conclusion. The Martini would kick the Herb Tea's ass....
We own a standard poodle and a rescue pug of questionable intelligence. This is based on reality, but I didn't want to alienate cat loving ADs....
J.D. King October 26, 2006
Funny stuff, Hal! And I got your new promo card today! If I was an AD, I'd give you a job!
rag October 26, 2006
H: I'll take your rejects any time. Looking forward to next years worth of Halistic Monthlies. P.S. We all wanna see your images at the max Zimm width of 500 px. so we can sees all the wonnerful lines.
Bob Staake October 26, 2006
i'm not an AD so i can't give you a job. i am, however, an illustrator, so i CAN give you a bite of my fudgesicle. these are lovely as hell, hal.
Christoph Hitz October 26, 2006
Hi Hal, It's time for a reject Hal Mayforth Calendar. If not. Where can I get my 2007 Calendar? I hope You post the final here on Drawger. Hitz
Robert Saunders October 26, 2006
I'll take the standard poodle drawing...just put it on my bill. A Hal-ster reject!
Adam McCauley October 26, 2006
These are a gas!!! My favorite is the poodle and the pug. Did you ever see Gilbert Shelton's "Great Wawa"? "Dad was a chihuahua and mom was a great dane"
Leo Espinosa October 26, 2006
oh man, the poodle one is way too funny.
Zimm October 26, 2006
Hal, if these are the rejects I sure look forward to the final calendar! It's a studio favorite - your 2006 is still up and hanging proud, big daddy!
randy enos October 26, 2006
You still got it kid. Hilarious as usual.The poodle wins of should have made the cut. I like 'em all. Once again however I am compelled to correct your spelling. Scraped not scrapped.
David Goldin October 26, 2006
These are so funny. I wish I had something cool or funny to say, but after those... it's like following the Who.
Jeff Moores October 27, 2006
Good stuff Hal! I can relate to the skater dude as I've passed (sniff) the torch to my boys--- my body has been scraped away! Although, I got to tell you, my knee felt great out in Vegas but this dang wet, cold weather bites the knee lately- How's your leg!
Zina Saunders October 27, 2006
These are wonderful. Particularly love the skateboarder!
Mark Fisher October 29, 2006
Hal the problem with your calendar is always the same for me and that is that there is far too few cartoons! One for each week I say
Mike Moran October 29, 2006
Hal, I have seen your calendars around before. I always thought they were great. These are so funny! What a way to start the new year.
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