Hal Mayforth

Calendar Rejects

OCTOBER 26, 2006
Rich advised me against this one, although I thought it was a dead on comment on contemporary American culture.
I've just finished doing the illos for my 2007 calendar. Every year I puruse the year in sketchbooks to find 12 images that I think make an interesting and perhaps entertaining calendar. It's a grueling lesson in self editing and I'm always second guessing whether or not I've picked the right images. Here are some sketches that didn't make the cut,  whether because of PC concerns or just because.
This is a foregone conclusion. The Martini would kick the Herb Tea's ass.
We own a standard poodle and a rescue pug of questionable intelligence. This is based on reality, but I didn't want to alienate cat loving ADs.
Topical: Sketchbook