Sketchbook Shenanigans
posted: October 18, 2012

Thoughts and observations from my daily sketchbook sessions for your entertainment.

Fisher October 18, 2012
gordonfishart.tumblr October 18, 2012
Now that's entertainment! Thanks. -gordon
Hal Mayforth October 18, 2012
Thanks Mark! And Gordon, that's one of my fave Jam songs.
gordon October 18, 2012
It is the "modern World"...
John Dykes October 18, 2012
Thhhhhhats entertainnnn - ment! Re: binders... i heard today that people listen to debates ready to pounce and register domains of the next hot 'term' that pops up. I think was snatched up in 10 seconds.
Marc October 18, 2012
Fun stuff, Hal. I love the King of the Ottoman Empire and the drone strike.
Jim Paillot October 20, 2012
These made me laugh. Fun stuff, Hal. The Ottoman Empire piece is killer.
Douglas Fraser October 20, 2012
I'm smiling because of the shenanigans.
Rob Dunlavey October 22, 2012
More please! Big debate tonight: ladies and gentlemen, start your pens!
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