30/30 Print Auction
posted: January 12, 2012
My finished print. Registration was a bit difficult and minor discrepancies were touched up with watercolor....

A couple of months ago I was invited to participate in a print show/ auction that would commemorate the 30th anniversary of  Flynn Center for Performing Arts and Burlington City Arts for the benefit of both organizations scholarship programs. The idea was to have 30 different artists/celebrities create prints that would be available through a silent auction. These are two wonderful organizations, and I was honored to be invited, but it would have meant that I would have to make numerous trips to Burlington (about 50 minutes each way) to participate. Given my work schedule, I was on the fence a long time about this and finally decided that I should throw caution to the wind. It just might be good for me to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.

At my first meeting with printmaker Jennifer Koch (Love her work, check it out) it was determined that I would create a woodcut, and when we looked at the image I was thinking of doing, we figured that it would be ideal for three colors. The last time I had done a woodcut was in college and I had forgotten how much fun it was. In subsequent meetings we proofed the master block and Jennifer cut a second block with a band saw for 3 color shapes. When it came to printing the color all went smoothly except for the fact that we printed on the wrong side of the block, so for the price of an extra trip to Burlington, I got 7 color block prints that were useless to the project, but provided me with some color prints to draw on. Aside from that minor glitch the rest of the project went smoothly.

The opening last Friday was packed and it was very interesting to see the what everyone else had done. To check out the other participants, click here.
Celebrity participants included Ben and Jerry of ice cream fame and former governor Madeline Kunin....

Fog One. The next four images are the backward printed color images that I went back in and drew on with pen, color pencil and watercoler....

Fog Two. It was terrific working with Jennifer and at the end of the project I gave here a choice of drawings as a gift and she chose this one....

Fog Three....

Fog Four....

Carl Wiens January 12, 2012
Great piece Hal! The woodcut works beautifully.
Christoph Hitz January 12, 2012
Fabulous project, the woodcut translates you work perfectly. Are you going to make more?
Joe Ciardiello January 12, 2012
Love these Hal.
Rob Dunlavey January 12, 2012
The backward-color printed images are better than the final (forward color) one. IMHO … they're completely different in feel. Printmaking is wonderful but you always run that tightrope walk between spontaneous and labored. The drawn on images take the best of both. Meant with all due respect Hal. You know what I mean don't you? If I could put money on it, I'd back the reworked cast-offs. Maybe you should generate a bunch of worked up abstract color sheets and then fiddle with them as the spirit dictates. Theme and variations. Very inspiring.
Katherine Streeter January 12, 2012
very cool!!
Walter Vasconcelos January 13, 2012
Cool work Hall! I received your calendar, nice piece. Thanks my friend!
Alan Witschonke January 13, 2012
I would agree with Rob that the "theme and variation" aspect of the backward images is really interesting and makes a nice series.
John Dykes January 13, 2012
Hmmmmm... I think... I like 'em all! Excellent, Hal - totally agree w/ getting out of town -as you have done. You never know what will develop.
John Dykes January 13, 2012
... and that is an outstanding show. Some major Vermont talent!
Hal Mayforth January 14, 2012
Thanks for the kind comments, guys.I hear you Rob and I feel the same way. I was concerned about the "labored" nature of the woodcut. I looked alot at Edvard Munch's woodcuts as far as spontaneity goes and boy, do I have a ways to go! I had alot of fun doing those drawings because they were quick.
Mark Fisher January 16, 2012
Doesn't matter how one arrives, it's that you get there. Nice ones Hal.
Jim Paillot January 16, 2012
Really great stuff, Hal. Fogs 3 and 4 are a riot. Woodcut seems like a good fit for you.
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