A HS Math Teacher Drove Me To Art
posted: October 5, 2011

I have had a long troubled relationship with mathematics. I had my share of math teachers whose expiration dates were long past due and the result was a quickening of the pulse and hives when confronted with any problem dealing with time and distance and what would happen if Timmy left 20 minutes later than Sally but was travelling on his bike. This stuff would kill me. But it does provide for some pretty good material. Here are are a couple of personal paintings along these lines and owing from the response they've received when I've shown them, I get the feeling  there is a huge untapped mathphobe market out there.

John Dykes October 5, 2011
Nice works, Hal... looks like you remembered more than me. After a bit of research, I see the equations in the second piece are all correct, too. I bought a few math class cd's a few years ago. Thought I'd stimulate the neglected math side of my brain. Watched one 'class'. Placed in 'garbage' a 'week-or-so' ago. Unquote.
Hal Mayforth October 5, 2011
Thanks, John. I hear you. When traveling, I've been doing time-distance calculations in my head. Kudos to stimulus money. We now have 1/10 mile markers on the interstate.
Richard Borge October 5, 2011
I can totally relate... had to get tutored in high school math. Nice drawings Hal.
Mark Fisher October 5, 2011
Everything is math and that's infuriating! I prefer letters. Good ones Hal.
Jeff Moores October 6, 2011
I couldn't pass an open book trigonometry test... I can relate, Hal. Funny stuff.
Pam McPheron November 23, 2011
Totally relate. Imaginary numbers were my breaking point. Love your work!
Rob Dunlavey January 12, 2012
1/10th mileage markers…what's up wid dat? We made my 8th grade math teacher cry… Bad! Bad. Wrong. Don't do that!
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