Snakes on a Picture Plane
posted: March 1, 2011
A Charmed Life...

Here are some personal watercolors that I've been working in around assignments and painting in acrylic. Several weeks ago I was notified of my acceptance at the Vermont Studio Center, an artist's retreat  in Johnson, Vermont for the last week in April. I'll be given studio space and room and board for a nominal fee. I had every intention of painting in acrylic for a week, but lately I've been hankering for some extended time with watercolor. About a decade ago I was showing at a gallery on the Cape when Robert Motherwell died. His widow came by the gallery with his handmade watercolor paper and asked that it be distributed amoung the artists showing at the gallery. I received about 15 sheets of the master's paper and have been petrified to use it ever since. It seems to me that this might be a good a time as ever to suck it up and apply some paint.
Jr.'s at it Again...


Box of Surprise...

A Friendship Built on Smoke...

Bunny Canyon...

Beast of Burden...


Gary Taxali March 1, 2011
Joe Ciardiello March 1, 2011
These are terrific Hal. That retreat sounds like a great opportunity, I'd go for the watercolor.
Cathleen Toelke March 1, 2011
I've always admired your painted characters! You might not realize just how much so. I don't recall you doing the garden variety of snakes before. There are some mysterious things here. Congrats on being accepted at the Studio Center. I don't think you could do better by Motherwell's paper than taking it to Vermont.
RAG March 1, 2011
Congrats Halser! Good news and good paper.
Scott Bakal March 2, 2011
Very nice, Hal and congrats on the acceptance!
Glenn Wolff March 2, 2011
Great story, and great work!
Gothard March 2, 2011
Hal, you will do justice to the master's paper - enjoy. These are beautiful, one and all.
Marc Rosenthal March 2, 2011
Love these!
Hal Mayforth March 2, 2011
Youse guys warm the cockles of my heart (whatever that means). Thanks for the kind comments.
Larry Ross March 2, 2011
Good going Hal! These watercolors are terrific and are a good start for what should be a very productive retreat.
John Dykes March 3, 2011
Wonderful series, Mr. M4th
Greg March 3, 2011
Great work Hal. I love Monday. Not the actual day, just your painting of it.
anna dibble March 24, 2011
Hey Hal: These are great. Have a wonderful productive time at the Studio Ctr. I did the Vt wk a number of years ago - it's really special.
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