Hal Mayforth

Snakes on a Picture Plane

MARCH 1, 2011
A Charmed Life

Here are some personal watercolors that I've been working in around assignments and painting in acrylic. Several weeks ago I was notified of my acceptance at the Vermont Studio Center, an artist's retreat  in Johnson, Vermont for the last week in April. I'll be given studio space and room and board for a nominal fee. I had every intention of painting in acrylic for a week, but lately I've been hankering for some extended time with watercolor. About a decade ago I was showing at a gallery on the Cape when Robert Motherwell died. His widow came by the gallery with his handmade watercolor paper and asked that it be distributed amoung the artists showing at the gallery. I received about 15 sheets of the master's paper and have been petrified to use it ever since. It seems to me that this might be a good a time as ever to suck it up and apply some paint.

Jr.'s at it Again


Box of Surprise

A Friendship Built on Smoke

Bunny Canyon

Beast of Burden


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