Hal Mayforth

Hal 2.0

FEBRUARY 17, 2011


For the past several years I've been limping along with a website that was a sprawling mess. I never seemed to have the time to redesign it, I just kept adding onto it.  Most of the work was outdated in a format that at the time was all I could muster with my cursory knowledge of Dreamweaver. Updates were a chore and I always put them off in favor of making art.


So, armed with the energy and new found sense of purpose that only the holidays can muster, I gave Zimm a call and started experimenting with the website templates that he had begun offering. Like Illoz and Illogator, it's clean and extremely easy to update and tweak. We ran into several minor bugs, but on a whole, the process was a piece of cake.Check it out. Hope you dig it. Thanks, Zimm.

In an unrelated note, I still have calendars available. This years calendar is a bit differernt in that I experienced a massive computer failure in November, when I am normally doing the illos for my calendar and was forced to go with scans that I already had in my machine. So this year's edition (my 29th) features some of my greatest hits in acrylics. If you'd like one, lemme know.

Prints of most of these paintings are available at Illogator.

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