No Bars for Xmas
posted: December 22, 2010

Wishing everyone a swell holiday!
Gothard December 22, 2010
Truly funny, Hal. Love this concept, and of course the consummate execution.
Alex Nabaum December 22, 2010
Hilarious! Maybe this is why my iphone coverage is so spotty...
Ross MacDonald December 22, 2010
Great idea!
Robd December 22, 2010
Good thing there are other kinds of bars. Let the good times roll!
Hal Mayforth December 22, 2010
Thanks for the comments, guys. I'm with you, Rob!
Scott Bakal December 22, 2010
Happy Holidays, Hal! Hope to see you soon!
Robert Saunders December 22, 2010
Wish you Happy ones back, Hal.
Walter Vasconcelos December 22, 2010
Nice!Happyyyy Holidays,Hal!
Victor Juhasz December 22, 2010
Very cute. All the best in 2011.
Jeff Moores December 23, 2010
HHH... Happy Holidays Hal!
dave f December 23, 2010
Thanks Hal! I liked this idea.
Chris Buzelli December 23, 2010
Hilarious! Those tree antennas are popping up everywhere.
Douglas Fraser December 23, 2010
Santa's cell quality is gonna be crappy.
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