Sketchbook Nonsense
posted: November 29, 2010

Here are some recent sketchbook drawings for your edification and enjoyment.
I'm hoping that ain't X Loko....

The sign I would have brought had I attended Stewart's Sanity Rally....

I know, I know. My apologies....

Leo Espinosa November 29, 2010
X-Loko came out of my nose!
Jeff Moores November 29, 2010
Love it! Funny stuff!
Hal Mayforth November 29, 2010
Be careful with that stuff, Leo. Even a noseful could earn you a trip to the ER! Thanks, Jeff.
Jim Paillot November 29, 2010
Hal, you crack me up. Funny art and words. On the topic of crazy overindulgence I have a nephew who- for his birthday- ate a hamburger and onion rings wedged between two glazed donuts. Mmmmm.
Hal Mayforth November 29, 2010
Too funny, Jim. I admire that kind of inventiveness and can-do spirit in America's youth. AND eating as a profession is now an option.
fisher November 29, 2010
Christoph Hitz November 30, 2010
Nutzy! Very funny.
john cuneo November 30, 2010
Absurd and inspired, as ever.
Larry Ross December 1, 2010
Spontaneously loose and funny!
Rob Dunlavey December 2, 2010
From the mountain top or the depths of the gutter, you have our off-kilter culture in your cross-hairs. Keep it up Hal!
Hal Mayforth December 3, 2010
Christoph, John, Larry and Rob - Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen.
Scott Bakal December 3, 2010
Hey Hal! I always love your pen and ink stuff! Hope to see you this weekend!
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