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posted: September 9, 2010
He's gonna do it. He's gonna do it this weekend. This week's wing nut in the spotlight Terry Jones keeps the pyro patriot tradition alive....

I've been missing in action around here for the past several months, so as a way of easing back into the groove here are some recent sketchbook meanderings loosely assembled as current events.
I can't imagine Herman Melville ever getting anything done if he was compelled to check his email every 15 minutes...

And just when you thought you've put some distance between yourself and Justin, along comes his hit U Smile slowed down 800 times, making it ambient and oddly listenable. Check it out here:

Based on an article in Newsweek (Time?) this past summer about the hotness of women of the right. Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Ann Coulter...wait a minute...Ann Coulter?...

Rob Dunlavey September 9, 2010
These are fabulous!
David Flaherty September 9, 2010
Good stuff Hal. I hear e.mail is considered too slow for today's kids.
John Dykes September 9, 2010
Ah! A refresh! Funny stuff, Hal....
Hal Mayforth September 10, 2010
Thanks for the comments, fellas. Good point, David. I worry about that.
Larry Ross September 11, 2010
LOL, Hal!!! It's nice to see you back with a funny post.
Greg Clarke September 11, 2010
These are wonderful Hal.
Bill Carman September 13, 2010
Probably don't remember meeting me at Society of Illustrators opening for 50 a few years ago but I remember you. And of course your work, I could look at page after page and never get tired. Unless it was on kindle. I'd get tired right away.
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