In an effort to shake the tree
posted: March 4, 2006
Here's a postcard that went out this week on my behalf to a massive amount of clients and art buyers. It's a riff on Lively up Yourself by Bob Marley. Will anyone get the hep reggae reference? Your guess is as good as mine.
Steve Wacksman March 4, 2006
I got it, Hal. I did! And I'm not even a Marley fan- my tastes lean more toward pre-reggae Jamaican music. That's neither here nor there- the fact is that I got it! Now what do I win?
David Gothard March 5, 2006
Didn't get it, Hal. I the mail. I must be the only one NOT on your mailing list. Did, however, get the Marley reference. He's a hero in our household. I'm sure this postcard will "stir it up". Dave G
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