Humorous Content
posted: May 19, 2010
Here are some more selections from my daily Facebook/Flickr posts. Straight from the sketchbook with a little pshop color.
The Eighth Wonder of the World...

Dandelion Slayer...

Mark Fisher May 19, 2010
Funny stuff Hal and I like the limited color.
Christoph Hitz May 19, 2010
Greg Clarke May 20, 2010
The humor and the tactile line quality are perfectly matched--great Hal.
Richard A Goldberg May 20, 2010
Great lines and great lines.
Leo Espinosa May 20, 2010
Electro muscular stimulation! :D
randy enos May 20, 2010
Oh when I post my next As The Tears Jerk which is about a GPS you'll think I'm copying you. These are terrific, terrific, terrific...did I mention that they're terrific. You are a funny funny man.....funny looking too.
Dedree Drees May 20, 2010
Hey, I want one of those remotes.
Drew Friedman May 21, 2010
yes, Funny!
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