Happy May4th!
posted: May 4, 2010
The cool thing about having a name that does double duty as a date (aside from the self promo value that I've been milking for decades) is that it's like having a second bithday with out the age baggage. This year, my band The Heckhounds booked a May 4th gig at the local live music hot spot, The Langdon Street Cafe. And since I had  been talking with the owners about showing my paintings, this seemed like the perfect time for the stars to align. So this evening there will be an opening for my paintings (of sorts) with music by The Heckhounds, or maybe the other way around. Either way it may be a tad self indulgent on my part, but promises to be fun for all.
Here are some of the paintings appearing in the show.
Blue Star Runaround...
Blind Petey's Birthday Bash...
All Inclusive Holiday...
robd May 4, 2010
Oh man, ya beat me to it! Happy May4th. Have a blast tonight!
TBower May 4, 2010
Laughing with these, as usual.
Zimm May 4, 2010
The real May Day!
Mark Fisher May 4, 2010
Love the look of your music and the sound of your art! happy non birthday!
Joe Ciardiello May 4, 2010
Love Whooosh. Have a great gig.
Greg Clarke May 5, 2010
Hal-These wonderful paintings look like music!
Robert hunt May 5, 2010
May4th again already!? Hooray- It's your day!
Jim Paillot May 5, 2010
Whooosh! is just crazy! I love these. I hope you have a fun gig.
Steve Wacksman May 5, 2010
I just woke up under the picnic table with no shirt or shoes but wearing someone else's socks. We do May 4th here and we do it BIG. Absolutely our favorite holiday. Paintings look great, Hal. I especially love "Whoosh". All have a beautifully subdued and refined palette.
Hal Mayforth May 5, 2010
Thanks for the comments, guys. Last night was a boat load of fun, But May 4th is just the gateway drug to Cinquo de Mayo. Happy May 5th to everyone.
peter cusack May 5, 2010
HA! enjoy tonight as well!!!!
Robert Saunders May 5, 2010
Great weird, wild stuff!
Bill Mayer May 6, 2010
Oh Man love this stuff....
jeff moorers May 7, 2010
is May4th bigger than July4th? Go Hal!
Mike Moran May 7, 2010
Good group of work Hal.
Shout May 7, 2010
great works!
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