New Watercolors
posted: April 1, 2010
Here are some new watercolors that I've been working in around the edges of assignments and acrylics. I've signed up to do an art show in Northhampton, MA over Memorial Day weekend and am trying to produce some more inexpensive paintings to show with my more involved acrylics. I'm very excited about this show, because not only do I have many new paintings to show, but James Steinberg is putting me up for the weekend, so I get to hang out with James and his family as an added bonus.
On other fronts, after a slow start, print sales are beginning to happen for me on the Artful Home website. A woman from Minnesota bought 8 prints last weekend, providing me with a boost that lasted at least several days. Yes!
It's Going To Be a Long Day...
I gave this to Mr. Espinosa after a memorable evening involving copious amounts of fine tequila....
Gentlemen's Agreement...
Memories of Kew...
When My Legs Begin to Wobble...
John Dykes April 1, 2010
A bright collection here Hal - Love the second one esp... Fantastic news about your prints! Great to hear...
Mark Fisher April 1, 2010
Love the palms. Good luck at the show Hal.
Jim Paillot April 2, 2010
These are killer. "Its going to be a long day" and "Memories of Kew" are classics. Although I do remember Kew in a very different way. Love these, Hal.
Hal Mayforth April 2, 2010
Thanks for the kind comments, esteemed coleagues!
Bob Conroy April 2, 2010
I love these as well. I'm planning on trying to get out to the show at the North Hampton Fairgrounds.
Vicka September 11, 2010
You Rock Hal, I am your newest fan!
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